The development of the Internet has completely changed our shopping methods. The benefits of online shopping are encouraging more and more people to experience it and make changes in common shopping patterns. Today, other people make this shopping method more tailored to the circumstances. They see modern life even if it is about buying handicrafts and traditional products.
Today there are newer solutions for most everyday needs, including the selection and purchase of goods.
Today’s life undoubtedly requires smarter and, of course, more enjoyable shopping online, which is why the number of users of online services and customers of online stores is increasing every day.
Bascar Media: Review, Selection, Online Shopping
Iranian handicrafts are very old and are at the highest level in the world in terms of design and quality of goods and have many fans. But for some reason, the conditions for selling these handicrafts to the world were not provided and there were many problems to buy these goods. Mediabascar team consisting of energetic young Iranians have solved this problem and you can always have the best choice with the right of high choice and receiving complete information about the production method, product type, etc.
One of Media Baskar’s priorities is to show most of the handicrafts produced in Iran, which causes a high variety of products and to deliver orders to customers as soon as possible. Create for your customers.
Bascar Media Name Philosophy:
Mediabascar is a combination of the two words media and Basque
Media: It means the Medes who first used handicrafts, the most famous of which was “Takuk” cups in the shape of goats, milk, etc. in which they drank wine.
Baskar: meaning powerful, capable
From the combination of these two words, a unique name is produced called “Mediabascar”, which means the land of the powerful “Iranian” Medes.
“Mediabascar, a trust in Iran’s antiquity”

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